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Welcome to Apex Billing Solutions, Inc. Billing on behalf of your health care provider.

It can be very difficult at times to understand how the healthcare system works. There seem to be so many different rules and most of the time only the insurance company and the provider are aware of the rules and understand them. Our goal is to help educate and advocate for patients on behalf of our providers. Our website has key features to aid you in understanding this process and anticipating the financial cost for the services you are provided. 

Typically your financial responsibility will be any of the following:

- A copay per date of service- This will be due at the time of service.

- A deductible- Once we bill your insurance they will push the full allowed amount of billed charges to your responsibility until your deductible is met.

- A coinsurance- The insurance will pay a portion of the allowed amount of the bill and the remaining portion will be patient responsibility.